Will I Start Running Again?

Hey remember that time that I used to have a blog that I regularly updated and such? Yeah, I can barely remember that, too. This year got away from me, and that was mostly in really great ways. The idea of sitting down at my computer to write a blog post up just didn’t seem like a lot of fun, so I didn’t do it. But right now, it feels right so I suppose I’ll continue.

Part of the reason I kind of fell off the face of the planet was because running has not really been a big part of my life lately. One of the reasons why I started blogging was that I wanted a place to kind of track that whole progression. The marathon was great, amazing, etc., but after I was finished, I just didn’t really feel like running much.

I really respect people who can run a marathon and jump right back into running after a week or month, but that just wasn’t me. I didn’t suddenly start hating running or anything, but it just didn’t feel right. I no longer was jealous when I saw people running while I was driving. I wasn’t excited by running in the way I used to be. So I basically have taken a nice long hiatus from running. Like year long. I also was ready to just be Caroline, not necessarily Caroline the Runner. I love that identity, but it’s not my only one, after all.

Instead of running, I pursued a lot of other things this year. I took a dance class that really challenged me mentally and physically. I rediscovered my love of reading and read so many books this year. I started to figure out what I want to do as far as careers go and made some plans for the future. I worked really hard in school and spent a lot of time studying. And I’ve had a really great year.

Now, I fully intend to one day get back to consistently running. This past week I went for a short, little run and actually really enjoyed it. Maybe I’m ready to jump back into it, but for now I have no consistent plans or goals besides enjoying the exercise and movement I choose to do. I feel like I’m able to make a healthy choice either way, and for that I am very thankful. Running will always be there for me and I’m incredibly grateful for that.

For now, this is all I have to say. I might do an update on things that I’ve been up to or that I’ve learned this year (or maybe not). Either way, Happy New Year, and wishing you the best this holiday season!


25 More Things to Be Thankful About Right Now

A long while back, in one of my first posts on this little blog, I came up with a list of 25 things to be thankful about (check it out here). After a trying day yesterday, I think I need to revisit this topic and think about gratitude again.

Thanks to Amanda for letting us Think Out Loud on this Thursday.

Today I can be thankful for…

Getting lost in a book that you had no idea how much you’d love.

Sipping your coffee slowly in the morning in a cute mug.

Trying a recipe and having it turn out perfectly (peep these cinnamon rolls I made ya’ll).


Moments where you see how amazing your body is and take an action that honors it (rest days, I’m looking at you!)



Curling up in a blanket in the middle of the day

When something good happens to someone else and you can be genuinely happy for them.

Weather that’s not hot, not cold, but just right.

Receiving a hug or act of kindness from someone when you most desperately need it.

Wearing cute and fun pajamas.


Fuzzy socks/slippers to keep your feet warm.

Realizing that your struggles/story can be told and knowing that it somehow helped someone.


Moving your body in a way that makes it happy (running, yoga, dance…)




Cute baby videos.

When you receive a compliment for something you’ve done or a quality that you have rather than your appearance.


Watching a movie that takes you back to when you were younger (cough cough High School Musical…)

Listening to throwback tunes (this song came up when I was listening to Spotify the other day, and wow, what a mid-2000s jam).

Inspirational quotes on Pinterest.



Moments of silence after a busy day.

Crossing an item off your bucket list.


Candles (especially ones that smell nice).

Shavasana/Meditating/Time to Pray.

Moments when you almost gave up but persevered instead.

Having a conversation with someone who loves you and knows your heart well.

What do you have gratitude for today?

What’s an item on your bucket list?




Thinking Out Loud #3: 4 Reasons Why a Sorority Was Right for Me

Hey there! It’s Thursday! Aka almost Friday, hooray!

Today I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. I usually post on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday type of schedule but I just wasn’t feeling it the other day when I sat down to write. Instead, I thought my musings were better suited for today.

I was thinking a lot the other day about how excited I was about the upcoming school year. I’ve been absolutely loving summer and being at home with my family. It’s been so refreshing. But I’m also so, so excited to be going back to school soon (actually in less than two weeks!).

I was thinking about the reasons why I’m looking forward to going back to school. I think a lot of it has to do with the wonderful people I’m going back to. And a lot of those wonderful people are in my sorority.

Today I’m thinking out loud about why I joined a sorority,why it was one of my best decisions, and how my expectations were totally changed.

  1. Sorority girls aren’t what I thought they were. At all. My freshman year, I went into school thinking that all girls in sororities were super perky, enthusiastic, extroverts, who were all of the same mold. Nope! Throughout my freshman year, I met girls in sororities from all walks of life, with diverse interests and passions, some of whom were super social, and others who were a little more reserved. I’m so glad that my original opinions didn’t remain, and that I eventually broadened my perspective. IMG_0371-2
  2. It’s amazing to be surrounded by a network of supportive women. My sorority is a group of highly principled, amazing women, who build each other up. Yes, we’re all very different. But there is a common thread of respect and a lot of similar values that we share. I think having this type of supportive network women is SO important. Too often, women are pitted against each other and feel like they have to compare themselves – who’s most successful in their career, who’s the fittest, who’s skinnier, who’s married/dating/single…and honestly, I find that so disheartening. I totally believe that as women, we need to support each other. Women in our society (actually all societies) face a lot of challenges, and I think it’s important to have a network that builds you and feeds you and helps make you more confident and secure, rather than a group that tears you down and you feel like you’re in a comparison trap with. Whew…that turned into a long reason, but anywhere you can find a network of supportive women (church, running club, sorority, etc.) is great in my opinion. IMG_0372
  3. My sorority has introduced me to some of my best friends. One way this was made possible was through the “big” and “little” aspect. Basically, an established member of the sorority and a newer member are matched up and have a more special and close relationship. The “big sister” basically serves as a mentor to the “little sister.” This aspect of sorority life has been one of my favorites. My big has been such a positive influence on me. She helped me get out of my comfort zone, gave the best advice, took care of me in so many ways, and let me watch the Bachelor on her couch all the time. Honestly, I could go on and on, but having that close mentor was so important to me. She helped me grow in my confidence, and I can’t wait to get a “little sister” of my own. IMG_0221
  4. Sororities provide a lot of opportunities for service. Every sorority (that I know of) has a particular philanthropy that they support. My sorority’s philanthropy is Girls on the Run. I know, it’s literally the perfect cause for me. Girls on the Run is an awesome program that teaches young girls about building self-confidence, healthy habits and relationships, and they run a 5k at the end of the program. The idea that I could possibly influence younger girls and talk about body positivity and acceptance is mind-blowing to me. I’m excited that I even have an opportunity to attempt to do it! GOTR logo w circles

So those are some of the many reasons why I’m glad I joined a sorority. For others, these awesome things that I found can be found in other types of organizations and communities. I’m just glad I didn’t let stereotypes and first impressions dictate my actions forever, because I would have missed out on a lot if I’d let them.

Are/were you in a sorority? Or other awesome organizations?

Any charities or causes you are passionate about?

Tell me a random fact about yourself for funsies!