Hello and thank you for visiting my blog!

My name is Caroline and I am a college student just trying to navigate life. I am (currently) studying Mathematical Biology and History. But outside of my studies, I have a love for learning, reading, fitness, cooking, running, and so much more. I believe that every human is fearfully and wonderfully made, and that we all have a need to eat, move, rest, and interact to fuel our hearts and souls.

I am a half-marathoner, (NOW!) a marathoner, and in general an overly enthusiastic running nerd. I love connecting with other runners to learn their tips and tricks, and over my approximately five years of running, I’ve learned a lot about running, and even more about myself. I’ve mostly learned about the importance of endurance, not only in running but in life. Everyone endures challenges, and I’m amazed by the strength that we all have within us, and the comfort and power that comes from sharing our challenges.

So join me as I ramble about life, running, food, college, and more! I’m so happy you’re here! If you’d like to chat or have any questions or comments on anything, don’t hesitate to send me an email! You can reach me at lifeofendurance@gmail.com




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