I’m Back!

Well it looks like I ended up taking a month-long blogging hiatus. It’s been a bit of a crazy month to say the least.

I’ve settled into the school routine again. It always takes me awhile but it feels real now. Having two midterms (can they even call them that?) in a day made it real.

I’m excited to get back to the regular type of programming and all the topics I like to write about (health, food, running, respecting your body, confidence, etc., etc….), but for now I thought I would include some highlights from the past month.

I went to a leadership conference for my sorority in Atlanta with some of my favorite ladies. I learned so much about my own leadership style, how I relate to others, and how to create programs that are enriching and fun! It was an awesome experience!


I’ve been loving spin classes lately and that’s how I’ve been getting a lot of my exercise lately. It’s been nice not having running goals since it’s been allowing me to pursue other ways that I like to move!

I donated blood for the first time! Honestly the worst part was when they did a finger prick to find out if my iron levels were okay. I mean it’s not exactly comfortable having someone stick a needle in your arm to look for a vein but it’s not that bad! Giving blood made me so thankful that I am in good enough health to do so. I’m at a healthy weight and have good iron levels which isn’t something I’ve always been able to say.


My friend is back from being abroad and it makes me super happy (she probably will eventually read this, so hey Claire). It has meant lots of lunch dates and catching up. She also agrees to go to social events with me in matching athletic clothing and tolerates my weird antics. That’s true friendship!

I’ve been drinking lots of tea and coffee lately. It hasn’t been horribly cold here in Virginia but once as it hits 50 degrees or lower, it’s hot coffee and hot tea all the way over here.

I read 5 books in January! The Last Anniversary and The Husband’s Secret (Liane Moriarty), Lolita (Vladimir Nabokov), 50 Children (Steven Pressman), and Like Water for Chocolate (Laura Esquivel). My favorite among these was Like Water for Chocolate. I love mystical realism and a lot of the magical elements in this book surrounded cooking so it was delightful for many different reasons!


I’m currently reading Kane & Abel (Jeffrey Archer) and The Secret History (Donna Tartt). I’m always open to book suggestions!

I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries on Netflix. I judge myself for it but hey it’s some great drama!

I’ve been cooking a lot more for myself this semester. Funny story, I usually post my breakfasts/meals I cook on Snapchat and a lot of my friends enjoy seeing them I guess? I think it’s because our dining hall food isn’t that great so anything homemade/slightly aesthetically pleasing seems amazing by comparison.


Old picture, but basically same breakfast I eat half the time

Well that’s about all from me for now! I hate to disappear off the face of the planet for so long, so I’m hoping to get to more regularly scheduled blogging, but I make no promises!

Wishing you a happy Monday!

Peanut butter in oatmeal, yes or no?

Last book you read?

Do you wear athletic clothes in social settings? about 75% of the time…


One thought on “I’m Back!

  1. Lyss says:

    I’ve missed reading your blog! Glad to see you back and hear school is going well. 🙂

    I love spinning! I did it a lot over break but haven’t been to any classes recently. Peanut butter on oatmeal is a huge yes in my book. And I feel like I’m always in athletic clothes. I hate jeans lol


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