Running Bucket List

Hello and Happy New Year! I hope you had an enjoyable holiday, ate some yummy things, and got to relax a bit. My New Year’s Eve wasn’t too interesting, but New Year’s Day included a nice 7 mile run and some gorgeous weather, sunny and 45-50 degrees. I’m always amazed by how a great run makes the next 24 hours seem better.

While running, I got to thinking about my running goals for the year/if I even want to have running goals. I’m at an interesting point in my running evolution. I dearly love the sport. But after running a marathon, some of my drive and focus has changed.

You see, for so long, running a marathon was my big goal. All of my smaller goals in some way or another led to the goal of running a marathon. Those half marathons? I saw those as preparation for an eventual marathon. Now that I’ve run a marathon, I kind of start thinking, now what? I’m only 20, I have literally SO MANY years (God-willing) of running ahead of me, and I’m (hopefully) nowhere near hitting my peak.

So, instead of trying to come up with something bigger or better to do, I’m ready to start crafting different types of goals. A running bucket list of sorts! There are constantly races I see that I would like to do, or destinations I’d love to go to. Here’s my working “running bucket list.” It’s not an exhaustive list of things, and there’s not really a time limit on any of it. Though there are parts of it that I would prefer to do in 2017 (because I need something to aspire to, right?), some of these things may take over 10 years or more to complete. And, it’s an ongoing list so there’s never really an end in sight…in the best way possible!

So here it is, my *official* running bucket list!:

  • Race and PR in the 5k (my current time is 23:14)
  • Race a 10k (a distance I’ve never raced!)
  • Run a Rock ‘n’ Roll race (I’m thinking the Rock ‘n’ Roll Raleigh half in April…)
  • Run a Disney race
  • Run a race on a holiday (Turkey Trot perhaps? I’ve never done one!)
  • Run a race while wearing a costume
  • Be a pacer for a race
  • Boston Qualify
  • Do a twilight/nighttime race
  • Run a Ragnar (these seem so cool!)
  • Sign up for running coaching (and figure out how the heck I’m supposed to do cross training…)
  • Become an RRCA certified running coach
  • Run a race with a friend, at their pace
  • Place in my age group
  • Meet a famous runner (Shalane Flanagan would be ideal, but honestly I can name at least 10 others that would be equally amazing)

Well, that’s about all I can think of at the moment, but the beauty of running is that it’s a practice. You can never be “perfect” at it, and there’s always something new and interesting to conquer.

Do you have any running/fitness goals on your bucket list?

Have you ever considered getting any fitness certifications? I would love my running coach certification, and also eventually to become a yoga instructor!

Best Disney movie (I’ve got Disney races on my mind…)?



6 thoughts on “Running Bucket List

  1. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    This bucket list looks super. I would love to do a rock n’ roll half. Actually, all of these goals sound awesome. Hmm, a nighttime race would be interesting. Running in the dark can be really fun…it makes me feel like I’m going really fast for some reason 🙂 You do have so many good years of running ahead! That’s the awesome thing about running. It’ll always be there!


  2. Lyss says:

    I feel like doing a race in a costume would be so much fun! And I am actually applying to get my yoga certification this summer. Praying I get into the program!


  3. Ellie says:

    I would love to be a pacer for a race. I have plans to do that this year for my friend Mike at his race. Ragnar is so fun! It’s definitely a must do. Also, a Disney race will forever be on my bucket list, I just don’t see myself going down there or remembering to sign up ahaha


    • lifeofendurance says:

      That’s so cool that you get to be a pacer! I feel like having someone to motivate would be inspiring for me too! Disney races seem so fun, but the sign up is like a year in advance, so same, I have no idea when it will actually happen!


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