25 More Things to Be Thankful About Right Now

A long while back, in one of my first posts on this little blog, I came up with a list of 25 things to be thankful about (check it out here). After a trying day yesterday, I think I need to revisit this topic and think about gratitude again.

Thanks to Amanda for letting us Think Out Loud on this Thursday.

Today I can be thankful for…

Getting lost in a book that you had no idea how much you’d love.

Sipping your coffee slowly in the morning in a cute mug.

Trying a recipe and having it turn out perfectly (peep these cinnamon rolls I made ya’ll).


Moments where you see how amazing your body is and take an action that honors it (rest days, I’m looking at you!)



Curling up in a blanket in the middle of the day

When something good happens to someone else and you can be genuinely happy for them.

Weather that’s not hot, not cold, but just right.

Receiving a hug or act of kindness from someone when you most desperately need it.

Wearing cute and fun pajamas.


Fuzzy socks/slippers to keep your feet warm.

Realizing that your struggles/story can be told and knowing that it somehow helped someone.


Moving your body in a way that makes it happy (running, yoga, dance…)




Cute baby videos.

When you receive a compliment for something you’ve done or a quality that you have rather than your appearance.


Watching a movie that takes you back to when you were younger (cough cough High School Musical…)

Listening to throwback tunes (this song came up when I was listening to Spotify the other day, and wow, what a mid-2000s jam).

Inspirational quotes on Pinterest.



Moments of silence after a busy day.

Crossing an item off your bucket list.


Candles (especially ones that smell nice).

Shavasana/Meditating/Time to Pray.

Moments when you almost gave up but persevered instead.

Having a conversation with someone who loves you and knows your heart well.

What do you have gratitude for today?

What’s an item on your bucket list?





2 thoughts on “25 More Things to Be Thankful About Right Now

  1. Ellie says:

    I am smiling so big right now thinking about all those things. I am grateful for the nap I took today and the facetime I had with my sister before said nap. It was wonderful to see her 🙂


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