Christmas Survey & Thinking Out Loud

The other day I saw that Heather did a fun little Christmas survey and I thought it was super fun and that I wanted to try it out too! I’m a big Christmas fan. It means a break from school/work, time with family, Christmas shopping, Christmas trees, cookies… So, so many good things!

I also need to get in the Christmas spirit (finals quickly pulled me out of it) what better way to get into it than thinking about it?!?

Here we go, the 12 Questions of Christmas! But first, thanks to Amanda for letting us Think Out Loud this Thursday and every Thursday!

Eggnog. Yay or nay? I’m going to have to go with nay, but that’s not really fair to eggnog considering I’ve never actually had it! I know, not sure how it’s possible. I’m a big fan of hot cider, hot chocolate, and the Starbucks peppermint mochas, so I definitely get in the holiday spirit through some festive drinks!


This cappuccino with cinnamon on top sure hit the spot the other day! Smelled heavenly 🙂 

Do you say Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? I always say Merry Christmas but I’m happy to receive any festive greeting!

Does your family have any special Christmas Eve traditions? I love Christmas Eve almost as much as Christmas itself! My family and I always go to Christmas Eve mass. We sit around and read the Night Before Christmas and leave out cookies for Santa on a Winnie the Pooh plate. My youngest sibling is older now, but we do it anyway!

Favorite Christmas song? This is so hard because I love Christmas music! O Holy Night, Mary Did You Know, and O Come All Ye Faithful are some of my favorites. Especially if sung by Michael Buble or Josh Groban.

Favorite Christmas memory? Seeing the Christmas tree lit up at night, and then seeing Christmas presents early Christmas morning!

Favorite Christmas movie? I’m a fan of Elf and Love Actually!

Best gift you’ve ever gotten? I’ve gotten some wonderful and thoughtful gifts over the years. One year my family got a Wii and seeing my brother’s reaction was the best.

Do you leave cookies out for Santa? Of course! And carrots for the reindeer.

Do you believe in Santa? If not, who convinced you that he’s not real? I believe in some Christmas magic 😉 But I found out about Santa from my mom because she was worried my brother would ruin it.

Do you go caroling? Nope. But would welcome carolers if they came to my door!

Have you ever gotten a kiss under the mistletoe? Not yet, no one I know decorates with it!

Who would you most like to encounter under the mistletoe? I’m thinking a cute little beagle puppy right now. I’ve been really wanting a puppy and those puppy kisses! 🙂


Play along in the comments and answer a question for yourself?

Do you have a favorite puppy type? Beagles are my favorite, but any puppy makes me happy.


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