Short Update + My Favorite Meal of the Day

Woohoo! Hello everyone and happy Friday! I was hoping to do another post this week but it just didn’t happen with so much going on academically this week. Now that I’m turning in my final midterm, it’s time to write a bunch of papers and start thinking about what I’ll be doing this summer. Learning never ends right?

This week has also been different since I’m off my typical running routine, and tomorrow will be the first Saturday in a long time I’m not doing a long run. I’m making sure to take plenty of time off from running to let my body rest and heal, but I’m kind of stumped about how to spend the time I usually would spend running! Figuring out/remembering all the other ways I like to move my body is also important!

One thing that has been kind of weird/different this week is my appetite. During marathon training, I would wake up every single morning starving and ready for a nice big breakfast of eggs. All that movement, ya know? My appetite is changing quite a bit now. I still love my breakfast and absolutely will always eat it, but I’m looking for some different options to keep things interesting/maximize my sleep/get to class on time. That’s where grab & go comes in!

Rachel Stires, who works for Orangetheory Fitness asked if she could guest post and I was very excited because she said she could provide me with some breakfast recipes that were quick and easy! Something that I really need and all of my friends would appreciate too! She has some awesome ideas, so give her a nice warm welcome!

Here’s a quick background on Rachel before you get to read about her awesome ideas:

Rachel is a media relations specialist for Orangetheory Fitness. In her spare time, she enjoys writing, hiking, and drawing. She strives to live a healthy lifestyle every day, believing that putting your body and mind first helps you experience a better life.

It’s 7:46 AM. My alarm goes off for the second time yet I am definitely not awake, at least not until I glance at the clock and see what time it is. I have 14 minutes to get ready and then speed walk to class, but I’m also starving. I forgo breakfast in favor of getting to class on time, but have to sit through it with a grumbling stomach and, if it’s even possible, a crankier attitude than when I woke up.

Skipping out on breakfast always feels horrible, especially because you lose out on a nice energy boost to start your day. Many people would suggest that you get in the habit of getting up early. However, if waking up a few minutes early to make and eat breakfast is akin to pulling your hair out, it might be a good idea to look for some alternatives. Making grab n’ go breakfast is my favorite way to take care of the no-breakfast issue, so here are some ideas to try.

  1. Mini Breakfast Casseroles/Muffins: This is my go to recipe for a protein filled, energy inducing meal, and it’s really easy. It’s as simple as eggs and what I like to call ‘accessories’. I go for a protein heavy combination, so first I would wrap a strip of bacon in the shape of a cupcake liner, add ‘accessories’, the eggs, and cheese to top it. I add mustard and a splash of milk to my eggs to give them an extra kick and they turn out amazing! Best of all, you can eat these cold or hot depending on your preference, and if you use a cupcake or muffin liner you can eat them without a fork! eggmuffin
  1. Overnight Oats: This is another recipe that requires some prep beforehand, but it’s also very easily customizable and quick. Again, you can base your recipe on personal preference, just be sure to soak the oats in the fridge overnight. What’s great about these oats is that you can store each individual serving and add whatever you want to it. All you have to do is grab your mason jar, any additional toppings, and a spoon. If you’ve never made overnight oats before, most people recommend using milk or yogurt as a base, and sealing it in an airtight container (hence the mason jar idea). oaties
  1. Smoothie Bags: I love this one, because all you need to do is toss your ingredients in a blender while you pack your stuff for class. It’s also really healthy, and there’s endless combinations you can make. You can add protein powder, fruit, nuts, seeds, and even vegetables. I highly recommend the vegetables, as they’ll add a lot of vitamins and nutrients, and most of the time you can hardly taste them. Best of all, you can make as much or as little as you want, no cooking required! This is a great option that’s easily mobile and won’t require any hassle since you don’t need utensils. smoothie
  1. Hardboiled Eggs in the Oven: This is a smart idea that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest. While this one has mixed results and varied opinions, many say it’s a good way to bulk cook eggs if you need to. If you’re a busy college student, this might be just the solution you need, and a good source of protein in the morning. Plus, it’s easily portable and can be eaten cold. There are also plenty of things you can combine these with that are easy to grab and take with you, like fruit or a granola bar. Speaking of granola bars… eggis
  1. DIY Granola Bars: There are a lot of different options as far as these go, especially with the plethora of recipes on the internet, so this is another one of those recipes that’s just up to personal preference. There’s bake and no bake options, so this also doesn’t have to take a lot of time. These can also be prepped in bulk. No utensils are required to eat them either, and if you use a recipe that’s more crumbly or sticky you can freeze them to help them keep their shape. muchgranola

With the variety found in these recipes, you’ll never get bored of them. There’s a wealth of ideas and inspiration on Pinterest, Instagram, and various recipe sites. Creative freedom will keep your breakfasts interesting without taking too much time. So, don’t be like me and skip out on breakfast, instead choose one of these simple, quick and delicious ideas instead!

Thanks for your ideas Rachel!

What’s your favorite easy breakfast? 


2 thoughts on “Short Update + My Favorite Meal of the Day

  1. Lyss says:

    love rachel! she is such a sweet gal.
    my go to breakfasts at college are some type of bar+fruit+yogurt, toast +pb/banana and a piece of fruit, oatmeal+pb and banana, or cereal+banana with yogurt or cottage cheese 🙂 Happy weekend!


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