Friday Five/Favorite Pre-Race Rituals!

Hello and Happy Friday! It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it?

I’m really excited because tomorrow is THE DAY. The day I run my marathon. Whew, the training period has sped by. These have been some of the busiest months of my life in so many ways, that the training has been a blur. However, I’m really excited. I have a few things I need to do to feel totally ready.

Here are the five things I like to do before racing!

  1. Get my nails done in the race colors! My nails look a little goofy, but whenever I look at them, I get just a little bit excited to see the bright and fun colors. The Richmond Marathon logo has a lot of blue and orange so I decided to go with blue and orange on my nails. These are also just really bright and cheerful colors, which I can never can get enough of. Also, taking an hour for some self-care right before such a big event is a must for me. img_1318
  2. Buy some throwaway clothes/analyze the weather situation. The forecast for my race is ranging from about 35 degrees in the morning to about 65 later in the day. I have the tendency to be really cold, and then get hot and sweaty really quickly. This makes choosing an outfit a little difficult, so I will be going to Goodwill and buying up a bunch of different clothing articles that I can play around with.
  3. Make a fabulous playlist. There are some songs that I just love so much. That I always feel excitement and a burst of energy when they come on. Those are the ones that are making it into my marathon playlist! I’m also making sure I don’t really listen to those songs quite yet, basically as a way of making it seem even more special and more encouraging come race day! e0a24e3a15717961a3cb79625ad62c91
  4. Ignore small setbacks that shake my confidence. Almost always, right before a race, I freak out a little on a short, easy run that feels anything but short and easy. It usually feels downright painful and horrible and it makes me wonder how it will be possible for me to make it through the race. But it’s time to shake that off, because a lot of is race day jitters, not a true indicator of my abilities.
  5. Eat well, sleep well, and hydrate like it’s my job. Sleep well isn’t something I’ve been so great about, but I sure do try. And hydrating all day is so worth it to me because I’ve done some runs while feeling dehydrated and it’s the absolute worst. I know better now. I abide by the motto: “Hydrate or Dydrate.” Yes, I’m being dramatic (but not really that dramatic…).


Oh, there’s a bonus one too. No matter what happens on race day, I know that I’ve worked hard and can be proud of all the training I’ve done. And that I get to run. I’m so blessed that I have the ability to move my body whenever I feel like it. That’s a privilege that not everyone has.


Send me good vibes, thoughts, prayers, and luck, and give me any and all advice you may have!

Joining up with Life In Leggings for some Friday Favorites!


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