Runfessions/Running Recap

Happy Wednesday! We are a little over halfway through the work week and also halfway through October. The time is flying by.

I’ve been wanting to do a WIAW/day in my life post for awhile, but honestly taking pictures of food has just not been happening. Half of the reason why is because the majority of my meals are being scarfed down before or between classes/work, and also because the majority of my meals have been of the sandwich variety. I love a good sandwich but I probably should jazz it up a bit.

So instead of that, I thought I’d do a little training/running update since I haven’t talked about that in forever. Now if you talk to me on an everyday or even weekly update, you’ll probably know all about my marathon training. If you fit into this category, I apologize. Luckily I have another outlet right here to reflect on marathon training with.


Literally me. I know it’s obnoxious.

Let’s go over my runfessions, shall we?

  1. It takes way more motivation for me to get up and go on a midweek run than it does for me to go on my long runs. Seriously. I would much rather run for a really long time in no rush at all than trying to squeeze a run in the morning in. Also when I do long runs on the weekend I have plenty of time throughout the rest of the day to sit and rest (aka nap and move as little as possible).
  2. I really don’t run a crazy amount of mileage despite being in marathon training. I’m in the 30-40 per week range, running 3-4 days a week. A lot of it is because of time constraints. Also I know my body well enough to know that more mileage isn’t necessarily best for me. Listen to your body. My body isn’t going to respond the same way as yours and vice-versa. I really have no goals for this marathon besides finishing, but in the future I think getting a coach would be a great way to safely figure out how to reach my goals.
  3. I’m not doing a 20 miler. Shocker. I feel like this is taken as a given in most marathon training programs, but there’s a few reasons I’m not doing one. Firstly, I missed a few long runs because life happened. In order to properly taper and do everything else I need to do in my life, a 20 miler isn’t going to happen. I was freaking out a bit about this, but then I read this article by Laura again and I feel a lot more confident about my decision.


    View during my 16 miler this weekend

  4. Appetite is a really funky thing my friends. Please listen to it. Seriously. When you’re doing long runs and putting in mileage every single week, you need to eat. That’s still something that I struggle with coming from my disordered past. I realize that I’m burning a crazy amount of energy when running and that I NEED to replenish, but the little disordered voice in my head starts asking, “Are you sure you need to eat that much?” The answer is yes.
  5. Piggybacking off that last one: you never know when you’re actually going to be hungry. A lot of times I’ll get intense runger the day after I do a long run. I try to listen to that. I don’t really get why it happens, but just because you’re taking a rest day doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to eat as much that day. 
  6. Keep your playlists fresh. I recently created one with all my favorite Broadway tunes and it’s quite fun to have songs to look forward to. I also love the Rich Roll podcast (thanks for the suggestion, Ellie!), and save that for when I have a mentally tough day. I listened to the one where Shalane Flanagan was a guest and it was amazing. She is so, so awesome. Definitely had a dream that I met her and we became friends. Okay I got sidetracked, but my point is to keep your playlist and podcast game spiced up.
  7. Don’t be afraid to take an extra rest day or two. Seriously, life is short. I’m not trying to be an Olympian here so if I don’t run super fast, so what? I’d rather show up undertrained than not show up because I’m injured. I’ve taken many unplanned rest days but honestly I’m not freaking out about it. A lot of times it’s because I can’t help thinking “I. Hate. Running.” Yes, it happens, and it’s really normal to sometimes hate running. It won’t last forever, but don’t be afraid to rest to avoid burnout.
  8. Remember the why. Why am I running a marathon (insert whatever your event/goal is here)? Because when I was 11 and ran my first 5k through Girls on the Run, I told myself that one day I would run a marathon. I keep thinking back to the little girl that I was then, and now almost 10 years later, I want to be the kind of woman she wanted to become. I’ve gone through a lot since then, but I keep going back to that image of myself back then, and the image I had in mind for myself and I’m excited to fulfill that dream and be that person I pictured myself to be.

Okay those are my runfessions. Or at least most of the ones I can think of. Basically, remember to treat yourself well no matter what season of your life you’re in because you’re worth it. That’s all.

Richmond Marathon Training

Any runfessions to share?

Favorite post-run/workout meal? Mine is definitely a hearty breakfast sandwich on a bagel and lots of coffee!

Have you ever fulfilled a childhood dream?




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