Thoughts on Confidence

Long time no chat! It’s been a pretty long time since I’ve been able to sit down and write anything. My life has been filled to the brim with commitments lately. In the past two weeks alone I’ve had five midterms and a paper due. I just had fall break and I’m on a train back to school feeling a lot more refreshed and relaxed than I did on Friday when I was going home. Spending some time with my wonderful family, eating some soul food (honestly anything not dining hall is great these days), sleeping late…it was great minus the fact that it felt too short!


I did get some schoolwork done (physics homework, ugh, it might kill me one of these days) as well as some other work I wanted to finish up. One thing that I spent some time on was a blog post for my sorority. One initiative we’ve taken up recently is maintaining a blog for our chapter. I’m a huge fan of the idea (hmm wonder why), and the most recent series that we’ve started is one on confidence. A few different girls write on a topic related to confidence. It’s incredibly open-ended.

I immediately signed myself up. I was like yes please, I’ll do it. Funny thing was that I was like hmmm not really sure what I’m going to write about.

I did figure it out, and it ended up being a very emotional and vulnerable post. It included a lot of my struggles that I had when I entered into college; with stress, confidence, food, exercise. It was the first time that I’ve truly shared my struggle with orthorexia to a broad audience. But it really got me thinking.


My faith, family, friends, and sisters have all been such integral players into building me into a truly confident woman. Here’s a selection from the post that summed it up pretty well for me:

“I didn’t realize how awesome it would feel to belong, even while being in such a big group. To feel like sisters wanted to get to know me and be my friend. To have people I knew would take care of me and tell me what I really needed to hear. There were sisters to get me out of my comfort zone by encouraging me to drink milkshakes, to stay out late because I was having fun rather than worrying about my morning workout. Having friends and family I could just turn to when I needed a word of encouragement and love without judgment.

Throughout last year and into this year, I’ve grown immensely as a person. I thought that by being in a group of strong and confident women, I would have people to look up to, people that I could imitate so that I could have confidence like them. But it came so much more organically than that. By being so surrounded by love and support, my inner confidence grew. I was with people who were telling me I was enough. Not perfect, but loved as I was. I surrounded myself with people who modeled to me how I deserved to be loved. And as a result, my self-love has blossomed.

Confidence is something that doesn’t come entirely easily to absolutely anyone. At least not in all areas. For example, I’ve always been pretty confident in my work ethic and abilities to do well in school. Yes, my faith and confidence in my academic abilities has been shaken (actually quite a bit lately), but overall I’ve always kind of known deep down inside that I was doing pretty okay.


Self-love and confidence in my body and what it is supposed to be is something I’ve only more recently gained. And I credit it to the profound love I finally opened myself up to. The thing is, I was always loved by others. But confidence didn’t come until I accepted how deeply I was loved.

So I challenge you: no matter what areas you do or don’t have confidence in: open yourself to accepting the love that is being poured out to you. By your Creator if you’re religious, by your family if they’re part of your life, by your friends near and far.

Surround yourself by the people you wish to be like. I’ve heard it said many times and from many different sources that you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with. So choose carefully. I want to be kind, honest, and loving, and to be that person that reminds everyone that they are loved and worthy of love.

Any thoughts on confidence? Literally share any thoughts…

Anything that you try to share with others all the time? (I always try to tell my friends and family that I love them as they are)


One thought on “Thoughts on Confidence

  1. Lyss says:

    aw I love this Caroline! So happy that you get to blog for your sorority.. that’s perfect for you!

    I think it’s awesome how much you’ve grown in your confidence. Being surrounded by a great group definitely helps with that! I have found that in the past year I have grown in my confidence. I have discovered my passions more and am not afraid to show them! I think removing the pressure to act in a certain way/look a certain way/do a certain thing has helped my confidence grow.


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