WIAW #7: On the Road Eats

Hey hey I’m keeping this mighty short today because things are CRAZY busy for me. I’m going through training to work with freshmen during their orientation. There is really so much to learn and do and I was busy basically from 8am-8pm today. But I wanted to check in really quick and show you some eats from my move in day. Lots of on the road time meant a lot more fast food/not home-cooked options. That would probably have freaked me out a lot in the past but now I just take it and can roll with it. Being flexible is very important especially when traveling!

Okay here are the eats!

Breakfast: bagel with lox + cream cheese + tomatoes + capers I added later; glass of OJ; cup of black coffee (home-brewed Dunkin, my fave!) IMG_0876

Snackage: hazelnut-swirl iced coffee from Dunkin with splash of almond milk (notice a Dunkin theme here?) IMG_0877

Lunch: grabbed my FAVORITE Southwest Chicken Wrap from my favorite restaurant/coffee shop in my college’s town.  About the wrap: wheat tortilla + chicken + cheddar + salsa + ranch,; side of tortilla chips and salsa; iced tea IMG_0879

Dinner: got to see a few my friends and we went and grabbed sandwiches at a local place. This was wheat bread + house dressing + turkey + cheddar + watercress; lemonade Pellegrino to drink IMG_0882

Okay that’s all I got for today. I have no idea when I’ll be posting next but I am hoping it’s soon. I haven’t gotten to read any other of my favorite blogs but hopefully next week I’ll have a bit more time to do that. We shall see! Thanks for standing by and reading during this vague time!

Linking up with the WIAW crew (Arman, Laura, and Jenn)

Dunkin coffee? If so, what flavor?

Have any local places or places back home you just love?

Feelings on eating on the road/take-out when moving?


3 thoughts on “WIAW #7: On the Road Eats

  1. Lyss says:

    LOVE dunkin donuts coffee. love that it’s pretty cheap too. 🙂 No worries about being absent!! We will be here for ya when you’re ready to be back 🙂 Hope the adjustment to school is going well babe!!<3


  2. Ellie says:

    I used to LOVE Dunkin’ coffee. And then the marathon happened. The morning after my race, I walked to Dunkin’ to get coffee expecting the delicious cup I remembered (and DESERVED after 26.2 miles!) and it wasn’t good. It tasted watery and bad.
    I think I am just used to dark brew from where I work, and that’s what I like now. I do enjoy the cookie dough flavored coffee though 😉
    I love your new blog layout!!!


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