Top 3 Friday & Friday Favorites #3

Hey there and Happy Friday! This week really has seemed to speed on by for me. But my heart is so full and happy. It’s been a wonderful week in many ways for me, so let’s get on to some of what made it so awesome!

Top 3 Highs:

  1. Spending the day in New York on Wednesday and getting to see the revival of CATS! CATS is a show that I’ve been wanting to see since I was really little and I have always absolutely loved theater. It went above and beyond in exceeding my expectations, and I’m so excited that it’s being revived. It is my new favorite show, hands down. I grew up doing dance and still love it to this day, and one of the most exciting things about this show was how central and integral the dance was to the story. If you get the chance, go see it! I could literally gush about how awesome it is forever… CATS
  2. Seeing some of my best friends last weekend! One of my friends is studying abroad next semester so she had a little going-away party. It was so fun and I got to see some of the friends that I haven’t seen in person all summer. There was also some awesome Indian food there!


    Check this pic out on my Instagram!

  3. Having some relaxation time. This was the first week of the summer where I had very few commitments (besides doing the things I’d like to do…). I’ve enjoyed watching some Netflix, reading, and crafting!

Top 3 Lows:

  1. Feeling like I don’t have enough time before going back to school. I’m really excited but I keep thinking how nice it would be to have a little more time at home with my family, going to the pool, relaxing, etc.
  2. A really yucky feeling run I went on Sunday afternoon. I was 3 miles in, had planned on doing 6 but I just was not feeling it. Not just the ugh I want to stop running because it’s hard feeling…it was more the how am I going to get home I hate this so much why won’t my body move feeling. So my fam was really awesome and someone came and picked me up. They’re the best!
  3. I got two shots at the doctor. I love immunity and all but no matter how old I get shots still hurt.

Top 3 Instagrams:





I would be honored if someone said this to me

Top 3 Eats:

This grilled cheese burger I ate in NYC on Wednesday. Way more cheese than meat (I way prefer it this way), pickles, caramelized onions, on sourdough. So, so good.


Enter a caption

These peanut butter chocolate bars my sister made. My favorite combination ever!


This salad. Love the colors just as much as the taste!


Other exciting things this week: multiple trips to Target (I love Target), getting a new comforter for my room at school, and a winning trip to Marshalls. The comforter I got was this one from Bed Bath and Beyond:

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 9.20.38 PM

I got this whole running outfit for $36! Including my favorite ever New Balance sports bra!


That’s enough randomness for today! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, and make sure you treat yourself really well and do something fun!

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5 thoughts on “Top 3 Friday & Friday Favorites #3

  1. Lyss says:

    love caprese! I feel the same way about not having enough time before school… there is so much to get done!! Love that new workout outfit too girly!! Happy Friday ❤


  2. sweetandstrongblog says:

    I never want summer to end either! And love that workout outfit! Those clothes can get so expensive so way to find a steal! Have a great weekend!


  3. Evangeline Kennedy says:

    Argh the back to school struggle is so real! So sorry you had a bad run. I try to remember that bad runs just make me appreciate the good ones even more. PB chocolate bars?!? Could we get the recipe from your sister? They sound so good.


  4. Ellie says:

    I love the pickles in your grilled cheese! I am addicted to pickles =P I even put them in PB&J sandwiches…not I’m not pregnant.
    Enjoy your final week home from school. I’ll be enjoying the last few days of freedom until the students come back to town and business picks up haha


  5. Sarah says:

    I just saw Cats for the first time on my Cruise! I LOVED it! We actually so act 1 and act 2 on separate days. Act 1 left us confused and uninterested, but after getting more background info on the play we decided to go back another day for Act 2. I am so glad we did! I am definitely a fan 🙂


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