Thinking Out Loud #3: 4 Reasons Why a Sorority Was Right for Me

Hey there! It’s Thursday! Aka almost Friday, hooray!

Today I’m linking up with Amanda for Thinking Out Loud. I usually post on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday type of schedule but I just wasn’t feeling it the other day when I sat down to write. Instead, I thought my musings were better suited for today.

I was thinking a lot the other day about how excited I was about the upcoming school year. I’ve been absolutely loving summer and being at home with my family. It’s been so refreshing. But I’m also so, so excited to be going back to school soon (actually in less than two weeks!).

I was thinking about the reasons why I’m looking forward to going back to school. I think a lot of it has to do with the wonderful people I’m going back to. And a lot of those wonderful people are in my sorority.

Today I’m thinking out loud about why I joined a sorority,why it was one of my best decisions, and how my expectations were totally changed.

  1. Sorority girls aren’t what I thought they were. At all. My freshman year, I went into school thinking that all girls in sororities were super perky, enthusiastic, extroverts, who were all of the same mold. Nope! Throughout my freshman year, I met girls in sororities from all walks of life, with diverse interests and passions, some of whom were super social, and others who were a little more reserved. I’m so glad that my original opinions didn’t remain, and that I eventually broadened my perspective. IMG_0371-2
  2. It’s amazing to be surrounded by a network of supportive women. My sorority is a group of highly principled, amazing women, who build each other up. Yes, we’re all very different. But there is a common thread of respect and a lot of similar values that we share. I think having this type of supportive network women is SO important. Too often, women are pitted against each other and feel like they have to compare themselves – who’s most successful in their career, who’s the fittest, who’s skinnier, who’s married/dating/single…and honestly, I find that so disheartening. I totally believe that as women, we need to support each other. Women in our society (actually all societies) face a lot of challenges, and I think it’s important to have a network that builds you and feeds you and helps make you more confident and secure, rather than a group that tears you down and you feel like you’re in a comparison trap with. Whew…that turned into a long reason, but anywhere you can find a network of supportive women (church, running club, sorority, etc.) is great in my opinion. IMG_0372
  3. My sorority has introduced me to some of my best friends. One way this was made possible was through the “big” and “little” aspect. Basically, an established member of the sorority and a newer member are matched up and have a more special and close relationship. The “big sister” basically serves as a mentor to the “little sister.” This aspect of sorority life has been one of my favorites. My big has been such a positive influence on me. She helped me get out of my comfort zone, gave the best advice, took care of me in so many ways, and let me watch the Bachelor on her couch all the time. Honestly, I could go on and on, but having that close mentor was so important to me. She helped me grow in my confidence, and I can’t wait to get a “little sister” of my own. IMG_0221
  4. Sororities provide a lot of opportunities for service. Every sorority (that I know of) has a particular philanthropy that they support. My sorority’s philanthropy is Girls on the Run. I know, it’s literally the perfect cause for me. Girls on the Run is an awesome program that teaches young girls about building self-confidence, healthy habits and relationships, and they run a 5k at the end of the program. The idea that I could possibly influence younger girls and talk about body positivity and acceptance is mind-blowing to me. I’m excited that I even have an opportunity to attempt to do it! GOTR logo w circles

So those are some of the many reasons why I’m glad I joined a sorority. For others, these awesome things that I found can be found in other types of organizations and communities. I’m just glad I didn’t let stereotypes and first impressions dictate my actions forever, because I would have missed out on a lot if I’d let them.

Are/were you in a sorority? Or other awesome organizations?

Any charities or causes you are passionate about?

Tell me a random fact about yourself for funsies!


9 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud #3: 4 Reasons Why a Sorority Was Right for Me

  1. Lyss says:

    Aw I’m so happy you love your sorority girl and are so close with the girls!! we actually don’t have greek life at my college, but I feel like being surrounded by a group of kind girls like that would be awesome 🙂 I am passionate about best buddies!! It’s a group that helps special needs people. And I am a part of Autism Speaks! Have a great Thursday love!


    • lifeofendurance says:

      It’s definitely something that I’m so thankful to have and be a part of! I’ve heard of Best Buddies and Autism Speaks and both of those are awesome organizations. I’ve always felt like organizations that have a common value/goal to help others really bring all involved together. Enjoy your day girly! xoxo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Emma says:

    LOVE this post. Heading in to college, I was really unsure about joining a sorority. Now, I could never, ever imagine my life without my sisters. I’m glad that this was also a positive experience for you 🙂


  3. Emily Swanson says:

    I love that you get to do Girls on the Run! I’ve heard so many amazing things about it, and it’s wonderful to be able to share your passion with others.

    God has really blessed you with some beautiful sisters. ❤ What an amazing place to make life-long friends I hope!


  4. Ellie says:

    I never thought to join a sorority in college simply because I didn’t want to live with too many people. I am really introverted when I want to be alone, and having too many people always around is kind of draining to me. Thank you for shedding light on this side of sororities. You’re right, a lot of times in the media, we see the drunk girls and sex tapes. That’s unfortunate when most of the experiences are good!


    • lifeofendurance says:

      I think that’s a really good and insightful reason NOT to join one! I have found that I don’t have to be social and around people all the time like I originally thought I would (which this introvert is VERY thankful for!). And I think the media in general portrays women in ways that are really not what 99% of women are like, believe in, or stand for. I’m glad I actually took time to investigate rather than just judging!


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