Week in Review…or Two

Well this is awkward…I had this post scheduled for Monday but apparently it didn’t post. I’m currently in the mountains, and wifi has been limited/nonexistent and I truly wanted to enjoy some downtime and vacation time, so I decided to be chill and publish this when time allowed which is now! Thank you for your patience and I cannot wait to catch up with you all and your blogs/lives and give you a recap of my trip! xoxo

Hi everyone! It’s good to be back. I’m ready to hopefully start getting back onto a regular-ish posting schedule. I say ish because I make no promises haha (watch me eat my words and not post for a week again).

But I am here, and it’s been awhile because I’ve been CRAZY busy! As in I worked last Saturday-Monday for about 12 hours each day. And it was absolutely WONDERFUL! My heart was so filled and happy with so many of the awesome things that have made things so fun and crazy lately!

I’m going to do a Week in Review, but it’s honestly more like a week and a half in review. Because I didn’t exactly have a free weekend, it feels like only a week so I’m going to go with that!

So what have I been up to? Let me tell you…

I had my first experience eating pho! I had dinner with a dear friend of mine, and she introduced me to Vietnamese food. Oh my goodness have I been missing out. We split some appetizers and each got a bowl of pho. Mmm-mmm-mmm! I left with a full heart and tummy!


I had Thursday off from work and took advantage of some pool time, including reading and napping.

The weekend was crazy-town, in an awesome sort of way! I work for the company that produces, “A Capitol Fourth” which is a July 4th concert in D.C. and televised on PBS! I usually do other work for them, but I ended up working as a Production Assistant for the weekend. So basically I did whatever random thing was needed to keep all the performers and their entourages, friends, families, etc. happy. It involved a lot of making sure there were snacks and meals aplenty. Well-fed people are happy people!

The concert itself was so, so fun! I also met many new people and made friends which is wonderful. One of my favorite moments was getting to meet and take a picture with some U.S. Olympians, who were guests at the concert. How cool is that? So excited to see them compete in Rio in a few weeks!


I posted this one on Instagram! Follow me here (sweetcaro_29)!

I was pretty hungry after the concert and all sorts of breaking down and cleaning up, but someone in charge ordered cheesesteaks. I couldn’t snap a pic because it was 11:30 and dark outside, but wow. Literally so delicious. And I’m proud because a year ago the idea of an 11:30 cheesesteak would have been way out of my comfort zone and I would have probably balked at the idea. This year, I ate it up and had absolutely no regrets.

I didn’t get home until very, very late and didn’t get all that much sleep that night. Luckily, I had the day off on Tuesday, and enjoyed some pool time and nap time.

Wednesday got off to a little bit of a rough start when I woke up an hour late and had 15 minutes to catch my bus to get to work. Oops. Weirdly, I managed to stay totally calm and just got out dressed and with teeth brushed. I take a bus to get to the metro and right around the corner from the stop is a Panera. Panera has given me a month of FREE COFFEE! I am on cloud nine about this. So I got to grab a coffee and a chocolate chip bagel, so honestly oversleeping could have gone much worse. I also got to work only 10 minutes late. Not bad, huh?

And now I’m off on vacation in the Shenandoah Valley! I just got here and am looking forward to a week of relaxing and being out in nature, hiking, and doing whatever strikes my fancy!

I hope you all have a wonderful week! I’m excited to be back in the blogging game after a brief hiatus, and catching up with all of my favorite blogs, and commenting on all the posts that I haven’t even had time to read! I’m going to close off with a pic of one of my favorite pups, Steve. He puts his paw in my hand and it’s the absolute best!



Have you ever overslept?

What is the coolest place you’ve been on a vacation? Most restful place?




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