Top 3 Friday #1

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had a lovely week. Mine has been pretty busy but not too bad! I originally planned to post on Wednesday, but honestly I had nothing really on my heart or mind to write about so I didn’t. But, I’m back now! Thanks for bearing with me as I try to figure out a writing/posting schedule that works for me.

Today I’m linking up with Kate for Top 3 Friday! It’s my first time participating in this link-up so I’m pretty excited!

Top 3 Eats:

  1. Maple Bacon Donut from Astro Donuts in D.C. I’ve never had a maple bacon donut, but this is hands down the best donut I have ever eaten in my entire life. No exaggeration. I’m not even that much of a bacon person!
  2. Pot roast dinner made by my mommy. There is nothing like a homecooked meal, especially when it’s made by your mom. I’m pretty sure that food moms make tastes 10x better than other food. Also the carrots on the side look like ordinary carrots, but they were cooked in the same pot as the roast, and it gives them an amazing depth of flavor! I love carrots already but this elevated it to a new level.
  3. Chicken Devan! This is a healthified version of the classic Southern dish. Basically, my family eats a lot of food, so we bulk it up by adding extra broccoli and mushrooms. Something we don’t skimp on? CHEESE! Gimme all that melty cheddar, thankyouverymuch.

Top 3 Highs:

  1. That amazing donut you see? IT WAS FREE! I got off the metro on Wednesday and there was a sign that said free donuts. I thought it was too good to be true, but nope, a donut truck was on the corner with a relatively short line to get donuts. This just doesn’t happen! There were some amazing flavors to choose from like Creme Brulee, Passion Fruit, PB&J…it was hard picking! I found out it was a celebration of a credit union’s 100th anniversary, but any occasion is a good occasion for donuts in my opinion.
  2. Playing with puppies. Okay, not puppies, but adorable dogs! I went over to my friend’s house, and she and her family were watching her grandparents’ dog for a bit. He was such a sweetie, and just seemed to enjoy letting me scratch his belly and lick my feet (weird but I love it)! There’s also a dog that is often at the office I’m at, and he is literally the sweetest. When I walk in, he rolls over so I can scratch his belly, and puts his paw on me when I stop petting him to tell me to continue. Last week, he started stroking my arm. I love all the puppies!!!IMG_0610
  3. Seeing one of my closest friends on the weekend. I’ve known this girl since middle school, and through high school and college we’ve managed to stay in touch. I went to her house for dinner and we just hung out and caught up, which was wonderful! I also got to hear some of her younger siblings knock-knock jokes, which were honestly hilarious.

Top 3 Lows:

  1. Commuting. It’s been a bit difficult lately, because the D.C. metro has been undergoing some much needed repairs. Catching and waiting for trains and buses can be a real pain!
  2. On a similar note, traffic! Yes, I realize that it is a common occurrence where I live, but I don’t think I’ll ever not get annoyed by it.
  3. Feeling disorganized in the mornings. I’ve been a-struggling a bunch lately with getting out of the house on time. I’m a morning person, but I say that with the caveat that I like getting up early to do whatwant, not rush to and fro scurrying to get my act together. Early wake up, leisurely sipping coffee, reading the news and blogs? Lovely. Scurrying about, gulping coffee, running to the bus stop…not so great. So I’m taking some steps to be more organized in the mornings so it’s not such a frenzy!

Top 3 Instagrams:






Top 3 Reads:

Your Diet Is Not the Catalyst To Happiness – Blissful Lyss

Lyss speaks with such truth. Loved this post!

5 Beauty Ideals To Get Rid Of This Summer – Healthy EZ Sweet

Literally yes to everything Cayenne says! Everyone deserves to feel confident in a bathing suit!

Light & Fluffy Buttermilk Pancakes Recipe – Just A Taste

I stumbled upon this recipe (thank you Pinterest!) and ohemmgeee…these were the best pancakes I have ever tasted. Please make them for yourself this weekend. I added sprinkles to make them funfetti pancakes. Yes, I went there.

Alrighty ya’ll, that’s a wrap. Tell me something you’re looking forward to this weekend, or something fun you did this week! Love to you always!


11 thoughts on “Top 3 Friday #1

  1. Lyss says:

    Thank you for including my post!! Means so much to me 🙂 Traffic was a low of my week too- it will always aggravate me! Yay for free donuts tho, or free anything hehe. This weekend, my bff from college is coming to visit! We are so similar and I can’t wait to catch up with her 🙂 Have a great weekend girly!!


    • lifeofendurance says:

      Oh absolutely, your post really spoke to me, and it’s a joy to share it with everyone! And that’s so great, I love seeing college friends, especially when I’m not close by at school. I got to see my best friend about a month ago and it was so amazing, and beats FaceTime any day! Have a GREAT weekend!


  2. Ellie says:

    Yum free donuts are what winning the day must feel like. I also follow Kylie on Instagram and she is great. Either food or body positive posts. Perfection! I’m looking forward to some down time on Sunday because I don’t have to work 🙂 Have a great weekend!


    • lifeofendurance says:

      I LOVE Kylie’s body positivity and food…like I’m always drooling over her Instagram feed. Enjoy your downtime on Sunday. I often work weekends so when I get an actual weekend day off it’s the absolute BEST!
      This is random, but I’ve been commenting on your posts but my comments keep getting eaten (literally no idea why!). So basically I’ve been enjoying all your posts, you just can’t tell 🙂


  3. Stephanie Leduc says:

    I can totally relate to traffic being a buzz kill! Here in Montreal it hits us pretty hard too, stay strong!!! Ah, playing with pups (old or young, aren’t they always pups?) is the best!!


  4. Kate Bennett says:

    I’mgoing to be commuting for my internship this fall and I am not that excited for it. I am already feel tired thinking of it. You’re a trooper!
    That chicken devan sounds amazing. I need to try making it!
    Thanks for linking up!


    • lifeofendurance says:

      Commuting always takes it out of me in the weirdest way…just kind of a worn out and lazy kind of feeling I guess? Chicken devan will always be one of my favorites. Honestly any casserole type of meal is comfort food for me making me very happy 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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