Long Run (More Fun) Playlist!

Hey ya’ll! It’s Friday! If you’re like most people that I know (myself included), you do your long-runs on a weekend! Weekends are great. Long runs are great. Sometimes I just love the idea of being out there on the roads for well over an hour, semi-zoned out and just soaking in nature. It’s just a runner thing!

You know what else is great? Playlists. They are the greatest. I love having a mix of songs that I love and get excited to hear come on when my music is on shuffle. Playlists are also great because I can really get ones that fit my running mood of the day. Sometimes I want really motivating songs, with fast beats to help me through tough workouts and up hills. Other times I want really mellow music, because I’m trying to remind myself to take it easier that day. Great music can really impact my mood throughout my run, and can really help improve both my running and my mood during and after my run.


Well, lucky for you (maybe? debatable perhaps, but go with it…) I have one of my favorite runnning playlists for ya today! I’m also linking up with hosts Running On Happy, Suzlyfe, Crazy Running Girl, and Coach Debbie Runs for the Coaches Corner linkup. Go over and check out the other links, because they are awesome! Advice from coaches? Running successes from fellow runners? What’s not to love?!?


Without further ado, here is my long run playlist of the moment. I like to mix my runs with some silence and music, so it’s actually not the longest of playlists! But, it is filled with some of my favorites. I’ve included the links in the titles, as they’re just fun to listen to any time!

Sheezus: Lily Allen. I’m actually a big Lily Allen fan. I just love listening to her lyrics because they’re always so thoughtful and her voice is so unique. This one is a little slower in tempo, so it’s a great reminder to not go out too fast at the beginning of my run!

Keep Your Head Up: Andy Grammar. This song was pretty popular a few years ago. But it’s still great. Especially when you’re posture is starting to slip. Does that happen to anyone else as their run progresses? I like to save this one when I’m at that 2/3 point where I’m getting tired but still have a bit of a ways to go.

Be Okay: Oh Honey. I love this song! It’s just so darn happy, and about living in the moment. It always helps me to remember to fight through the tough parts of my run, especially if I’m on a long hill. Sometimes you just need to remember you’ll be okay and there are a lot of small things to be thankful for!

Circles: machineheart featuring Vanic. I recently discovered this one while listening to an indie mix playlist on Spotify. Such a catchy song, and I may or may not have been listening to it on repeat when I first heard it…

Work from Home: Fifth Harmony. Yep, this is a Top 40 at the moment and I can see why. Just such a fun song to listen to!

So What: P!nk. I find most of P!nk’s songs kind of motivating/inspiring. This one is great because no matter what, remember that you’ve got this.

Super Bass: Nicki Minaj. Yep this one is a few years old, but it has such a great beat and I can’t help but bopping about whenever I listen to it. Definitely a moodbooster for me!

Kanye: The Chainsmokers. This song always reminds me of orientation at my college because that’s when I first heard it. Random, but in other news, I’m a fan of the song. This song came out before the Chainsmokers had a lot of their recent hits so it’s a little different sounding

Break a Sweat: Becky G. Honestly, I find this just so fitting for when I’m running because sweating is just my reality. Enough said.

The Days: Avicii. Such a great and underrated Avicii song. Snazzy beat, upbeat lyrics, what’s not to love? I’m a fan!

Pretty Girl Rock: Kerry Hilson. This is such a mid-2000s jam but I seriously love it. That part where she’s like “Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful…” I personally identify with when I’m looking a little haggard and sweaty and getting concerned looks from passerby. Well, that’s what I’ll continue to think when I get those strange looks…

Us: Regina Spektor. This is an awesome warmup or cooldown song. It’s tempo and tone is a little different than a lot of my other favorite running songs, but I just love it and I think it helps keep my feet a little lighter.

What are some of your favorite running songs? I’m always looking for new playlist suggestions!



7 thoughts on “Long Run (More Fun) Playlist!

    • lifeofendurance says:

      Thanks Julia! It’s one of my favorites too. Fun story: I heard Oh Honey as an opening band at another concert and that’s where I first heard the song and was like YES THIS IS GREAT!!!


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