Wednesday Workout Recap & Recent Eats

And I’m back! It’s Wednesday which means workouts over here! I’m also linking up with Jenn at Peas & Crayons for some What I Ate Wednesday fun! I’m actually featuring some of my recent favorite eats since I haven’t been doing such a great job of tracking a whole day. What ends up happening is I get hungry, start eating my meal/snack and by the time I think about taking a picture I’m either halfway done or done eating!


Thanks for the link-up Jenn!

But I digress. I’ll move on to the recap now.

Wednesday: 5 lovely miles on my favorite running route. Exams are a stressful time for me, so I really rely on my daily workouts to help relieve stress and to enjoy some great endorphins. I was pretty stressed Wednesday afternoon because I had two three-hour exams the following day. After a full day of studying I really needed a break and this run really did work wonders for me. I also was really lucky that I chose to do it around 4:30 because it was the one nice hour of sunlight that day before it got all yucky and rainy!


Thursday: This turned out to be a rest day. I had been up pretty late studying, and woke up early to squeeze a bit more studying in, so working out in the morning wasn’t realistic. After my first exam at 9AM I took a break to eat lunch with a friend before going back to studying (SO MUCH STUDYING UGH). With my next exam being at 7PM I didn’t want to feel at all stressed or pressed for time so I studied from 2-5 and then just enjoyed a nice leisurely, peaceful dinner. After my exam, I was craving a cold, refreshing treat since it had been weirdly hot and stuffy in my exam room. I also needed to use up some of the food in my freezer so I ended up making a smoothie bowl. This one was a combo of wild blueberries, strawberries, some ice water (no almond milk 😦 ), and a big spoonful of maple peanut butter. I topped it with granola and and more peanut butter. It hit the spot!


Friday: I was pretty exhausted on Friday after a week full of studying and exams. I spent the morning checking off random to-do list items in my library’s coffee shop. It was an ideal morning. In the afternoon I hit up a spin class! I really made an effort to challenge myself for this one, and I felt it in my calves the next day!

Saturday: I slept in late (glorious) and then spent the first half of the afternoon at Starbucks prepping for an exam. I forgot how much I liked coconut milk lattes! I ended up doing another 5 mile run. I originally wanted to go for longer but I was feeling pretty sore and tired so I decided against it. I also tried out tracking my run with MapMyRun instead of my usual Nike App so that was probably the most notable thing about this run.

Sunday: Again, I slept in pretty late, and then got some more studying done. I took a Body Pump class in the afternoon and it was awesome! I love how the movements go so well with the music, which is always so fun and motivational. The next day my chest and back were sore! I kind of like the feeling, because I know that I really need to build some of my strength back up after taking a hiatus from strength training.

Monday: I was in the mood to go for a run, but I was actually pretty sore. I ran about 3.6 miles which was a nice shakeout run!

Tuesday: Rest. I woke up really sore Tuesday morning. I thought my run from Monday might help alleviate some soreness, but I don’t think it helped much. I ended up using my extra hour or so pretty well! I was pretty productive, getting lotws of studying done, catching up on blog things, and grabbing lunch and coffee with two different friends! The weather also improved exponentially as the day has gone on, so as I sit here typing this, I enjoyed a nice afternoon snack of a blueberry muffin. Remember how I said how I usually start eating before I remember to take pictures? Yep, happened again!


Yup, that’s a half-eaten muffin.

And that’s a wrap of my day!  Hope your Wednesday is going wonderfully, and that you enjoy your workout and eats for the day!


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