On Wednesdays We Work-Out (Recap)

I’m hoping someone out there got my Mean Girls reference… Probably the movie I quote most often.


But it is Wednesday! And today I’m going to share the workouts that I’ve been doing for the past week. Some days are more intense than others, but I think this is a pretty accurate representation of what I can be found doing in the course of a week. 

Some sad-ish news though: I won’t be running the Alexandria half marathon this year. It conflicts with a work committment that I have. However, I kind of look at this as an opportunity to participate in a variety of fitness activities, rather than focusing so much on running. It’s always good to jazz things up!

Speaking of jazz, let’s start with this recap, shall we?

Wednesday: On Mondays and Wednesdays throughout this past semester, I’ve been taking a Jazz dance class. It was so much fun, and just really reconnected me with my love of dance, especially the jazz style. It was also a really great way to enjoy some activity in my day, without it ever feeling like a formal workout. This past Wednesday, my group and I performed our final choreography project, which was based on a number from the musical Chicago! It actually turned out to be a shorter class than usual, so I also enjoyed a 30 minute, slow-paced run in the afternoon since the weather was so beautiful!

Thursday: REST! After a stressful week filled with 2 projects and a paper, I was more than ready to just let my body and mind rest. I considered taking an easy run, but instead settled on a nap. It was glorious and much needed!

Friday: My last day of classes for the academic year! I celebrated(?) by going to Body Pump. I used to go about 2-3 times a week last year, but took a break this year. It had been almost a year since I’d last gone, so I was pretty nervous about the intensity and making it through the whole class. However, I made it through and had so much fun! Definitely will be going back…but probably not for awhile since I was so sore afterwards!

Saturday: REST! Did I mention I was sore from Body Pump? I did walk around my campus though, so I did get a bit of physical activity and fresh air!

Sunday: I spent a lot of the day studying, and decided that taking a break to go to a Spin class would be a great way to wake up and recharge again! I took the class a little easier than I usually might because I was STILL sore from Body Pump (yeah, I’m a little weak/haven’t done strength training in forever if you hadn’t already guessed). I love Spin and enjoyed a fabulous workout that left me filled with endorphins!

Monday: I enjoyed an early run. It got quite hot and humid later in the day, so the morning was the most pleasant time to go. I ran for 40 minutes, and I have no idea what my pace or mileage was. Sometimes I do this type of “naked” run. I’ll keep track of the time for logistical purposes (e.g. I have places to be and probably shouldn’t be late) but other than that, I just go by feel. This run felt awesome, as I just zoned out and listened to country music.

Tuesday: I surprised myself by going on an hour-long run after I ate dinner. My stomach didn’t act up which was pretty lucky. I felt great after yesterday’s run where I took it easy and let my body determine my pace and time. I had more energy than I expected, but I think after a mentally challenging day it just felt great to release some physical energy. I also saw a bunny!


Snapped a pic before he hopped away! So cute and little! 🙂

And that’s it! As you can see, I got a nice variety of activities that I enjoy in! I honestly didn’t really have an overarching plan, just tried to pick an activity that appealed to me on that particular day.

I used to not be so flexible, and would feel like I had to run, even if I’d already done another activity. I’m so thankful to have such freedom to choose whatever activity makes me feel amazing! Life is too short to let our perceptions of what we feel like we have to do get in the way of what we truly need and want to do! I’ll go more into my exercise journey later, but for now, I’m just so happy to be at a healthy balance in my own life.

Enjoy whatever your workout is today (or some rest!), and have a wonderful Wednesday!



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