K-Cup Review!

Hello everyone! Today I’m here to do a review of a type of product that always interests me: coffee! In particular K-cups, the kind that you pop in your Keurig. I am in absolutely no way affiliated with Keurig or any of the companies that produce various K-cups (trust me, there are a lot of them). Also, I am not an infallible judge of coffee, so don’t blame me if you pick up a flavor you don’t like 😉

One of my greatest joys in life is waking up to a fresh, hot cup of coffee, and drinking it in my bed. What I usually do is wake up to my alarm, pop a K-cup in and breaw coffee, get ready as fast as possible, and then hop back into bed for about 10 minutes to drink my coffee. I am so willing to wake up just 10 minutes earlier if it means I get to start my day at a slightly more leisurely pace. I also pop into human rather than zombie mode a lot more quickly when there is caffeine in my system.

You think I have a caffeine problem? Yes, you are probably right. But let’s move on.

Anyhoo…due to my lovely morning coffee ritual, I have tried many a variety of K-cups. I’ve honestly never had a cup that I really don’t like, but there are some clear winners. Now, brew yourself up a cup and see if your favorite made the list, or if you need some new suggestions!


7.) Starbucks French Roast: This one was okay. I like a nice, bold coffee, and this fits the bill. But it didn’t wow me. Maybe it’s because I’m generally not a major fan of French Roasts. I don’t know. I probably wouldn’t get it again, but I certainly did finish off the whole box.


6.) Starbucks Cinnamon Dolce: I like cinnamon. I like coffee. I like them together. So this is a good one. It has a lovely cinnamony smell, and would go really well with a cinnamon bun (note to self: figure out how to make a microwave cinammon bun). This definitely brews up as a milder cup, but if you like cinnamon, this one is a safe bet! Not my favorite, but a good cup nonetheless.


5.) Starbucks Mocha: This is definitely a good one, especially if you are a chocolate lover. This has a wonderful choclatey aroma, which I think is always a nice smell, especially a nice one to wake up to! This is definitely a milder coffee, and I do have to say I prefer a more robust cup in the morning. But, if you love a coffee that smells amazing, and has a naturally chocolatey but not overly sweet taste, this one may be for you.


4.) Donut House Boston Cream Donut: I was very pleasantly surprised by this one. I actually bought it because it was on sale, and K-cups can be a bit expensive. I’ve never had a boston cream donut, so I can’t say how this compares to the real deal. But this was such a lovely cup. It had a mild, chocolatey aroma, and was incredibly smooth yet had some rich undertones. This was a wildcard for me, and I was very pleased!


3.) Dunkin Donuts French Vanilla: I love Dunkin coffee oh so much. The last time I was at an actual Dunkin and got a coffee was after my half marathon last spring, and I got an almond milk (they have almond milk!!!) mocha swirl. Drool. So I’m predisposed to liking Dunkin is what I’m saying. This K-cup did not disappoint. It had an out of this world vanilla smell, that came through as I tasted the coffee. But not in an overwhelming, overpowering, or acidic way. It was rich, smooth, and honestly a fabulous way to start my morning. Would highly recommend!


2.) Dunkin Donuts Original: I probably don’t need to tell you I like Dunkin again. But I will: I LOVE DUNKIN COFFEE! Okay, moment over. The original did not disappoint either. This is  a lovely, rich, smooth cup of coffee. Simple really is best sometimes. Not bitter, not overpowering, but not weak. Simply lovely. I drink my coffee black, so this one is just a wonderful cup to enjoy by itself or with some breakfast.


1.) Cafe Verona: So wonderful. This is my favorite K-cup, I have decided. It is smooth, rich, bold, and amazing in every way. I love a good, strong, aromatic coffee, and this fits the bill perfectly. I’ve had the regularly brewed Cafe Verona, and I have to say that this really compares well (sometimes Keurig coffee tastes different). 10/10 would recommend and drink again!


And those are my K-cup favorites! Have you tried any flavors that you particularly like that I’ve missed? What’s your favorite way to enjoy coffee?

Have a wonderful rest of your day!


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