Currently…April Edition!

Hey everyone! It has been quite some time since I published a post. It has been a crazy few weeks for me. Between midterms, a major philanthropy event in my sorority, and projects, school and school-related activities have been my priority of late. Things are finally starting to slow to their normal speed. But before I know it finals will be rolling around. I swear time only seems to speed up with each passing year. Also in a little over a month I’ll be 20…which seems crazy old to me (even though it isn’t). How have I been around that long?

Anyways, here are a few things that I’m currently doing/am loving. Let me know what you’ve been up to lately!

Current drink: Coffee, coffee, and more coffee! Not only does it wake me up, but it also just makes my tastebuds happy. There is nothing better than a sip of rich, bold,and smooth coffee. Mmm-mmm. April 14 happens to be free coffee day at Wawa! Not everyone is familiar with Wawa since they’re only in a few states, but it’s probably my favorite convenience store chain. This is a little crazy but this is my second cup of the day…the first was 24 oz. To say I’ve been energetic today is a bit of an understatement…


Current Music: I’ve been a fan lately of Spotify’s Indie and Indie Pop playlists. So many to choose from. One of my current favorite songs is “Circles” by machineheart and featuring Vanic. Such a catchy and fun song, and it was a fun song I used to end my workout last weekend on a high note! Be careful though, once as you listen to it you’ll have it stuck in your head!


Go listen to it here!

Current iPhone Wallpaper:

I love a fun and preppy iPhone background. This one also reminds me of summer which can’t arrive soon enough!IMG_0280


Current Movie: I don’t know if it technically counts as a movie, but I watched Grease Live on Netflix over the weekend. I actually never saw the movie, but I’m a fan of musicals so I thought it was worth a watch. I actually really enjoyed it. Lots of talented actors, and I’m fascinated with how the production team managed such a large and intricate production all while on live T.V. Worth a watch if you missed it when it was originally shown on T.V.


Current Wish: An end to spring allergies! I love all the new growth and the gorgeous weather but the pollen is the worst! I’ve been a sneezing and coughing mess, plus I got a cold a week or so ago so that made things extra yucky. I’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful weather more when I’m not sneezing every time I go outside!

Current Laugh: I liked this Buzzfeed article:

18 Times “Parks And Rec” Perfectly Summed Up Finals Week


I’m a big Parks & Rec fan so I thought this was extra funny, but I think anyone who has ever had a crazy week at work or at school or has taken finals can understand this.

And that’s a wrap for me, for now! Hopefully I’ll be back more regularly in the future because I miss the blog world 🙂

What have you been up to lately? Any good/funny links? Share please!!!


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