How I’m Really Going to Be Training…

Hey guys! Happy Friday! I’m ready to enjoy a lovely Easter weekend. Though I won’t be making it all the way home to my family (kinda bummed about that…), I will be spending lots of time surrounded by my good friends at my church, as well as time with my big sister (in my sorority) and her family! Should be a fun time!

As of now, I have finished my third week of half marathon training. And, overall, I’d say the process is going swimmingly! I’ve really been enjoying my runs and training this time around.

I’m hoping to provide some sort of weekly recap (starting next week) to give you more of an up-close impression of what my running schedule is like, but for now, I want to give an overarching impression of what I’m doing that will (hopefully!) make me successful come race day!

For my past two half marathons, I used the Nike Running app beginner half marathon program, via the coaching option within the app. I liked it. Sort of… Honestly, the problem was that I never felt like I could follow the program “correctly.” The program called for 5-6 days of running, but I never could do that. Either life or fatigue would get in the way. I ended up feeling badly about my abilities to train, and doubting whether I’d be ready for the race.

Fast forward to now, and I finally think I’ve found what works for me. I’m using the intermediate marathon program, again with the Nike Running app. But I’m really adapting it to what works for me. My body is happiest running about 4 days a week. So is my mind, as I don’t get burned out. So that’s what I’m doing. 2 days of easy running, 1 day of speed work, and 1 long run.

Here’s a snippet of what an average week of running during training looks like for me. This was my first full week of training:


I ran 22 miles this week, and felt great! 

I didn’t do all the suggested mileage and cross-training. I didn’t necessarily do the workouts on the days that were suggested. And I’m okay with that. I’ll still be aiming for 25 to 35 miles per week. But I realize that rest and my sanity are more important than necessarily getting the miles in. I know that I can cover the distance. So what if I miss a day? I do trust myself and believe that my body is up to the challenge that this half marathon poses.


Weird lighting, but if I could do it last year, I can definitely do it again!

This doesn’t mean that I’m not going to try to stick to my plan. I would really like to PR in this half. My A goal is 1:45. My B goal is to beat my PR of 1:50. And my C goal is to finish in under 2 hours. I’m increasing my mileage from previous training cycles, because improving my endurance is really important to me. Also, I just really enjoy longer runs more. It takes me awhile to feel warmed up, so most of my runs I’ll aim for 5+ miles.


With trails like this, how could I not want to run more miles?!?

What am I not doing? Feeling guiltily about missing a run or a cross-training day because I’m enjoying coffee with a friend, working on a project for a class, or taking the time I would be running to get an extra hour of sleep. Because when it comes down to it, why worry about running? It is something I love and that brings me joy. It allows me to let go of my worries and stress, live in the moment, and soak in all sorts of wonderful endorphins. What’s the point of doing it if it stresses me out? I’ve told myself that when running stops being fun, that’s when I’ll stop running.

So here’s to hoping for a great training cycle! I’m hoping to set myself up for success by setting realistic goals, and just enjoying the process as it comes. I’m hoping to be moving into MARATHON (!!!) training this summer so I want this process to give me the confidence I need to finish that training cycle injury-free, and loving running just as much as ever!

Enjoy your weekend, and I hope you have a wonderful run too! 🙂

How do you set yourself up for running success? 

What do you do if you miss a day of training?

Doing anything fun this weekend?!?



2 thoughts on “How I’m Really Going to Be Training…

  1. Emma@myfullfatlife says:

    I definitely cannot run 5-6 days a week, but maybe I’ll check out the Nike app for cross training and general advice. It’s important to have fresh legs, so no worries if you skip a day!

    That trail looks like a nice place to run!!


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