Week in Review

Hello! Hope your week has been lovely. Mine was on the busier side. I always find it a little difficult to get back into my routine after being away because of a break. I find it funny how hard it is to get into and keep a routine and work on self-discipline, but so easy to quickly revert to old habits. Hmm…guess I’ll be contemplating that all weekend haha!

On to better and brighter things! The weekend being one of them 🙂 Here are some of the highlights of my week!

My long run this past Sunday. Sunday was my first long run in my current half marathon training schedule. I had originally planned on doing it Saturday morning, but it ended up happening on Sunday afternoon. The weather was quite lovely (nice temps and overcast) and I hit one of my favorite routes! I felt great throughout most of the run and I’m hoping that it’s an indicator how most of my long runs will be going during this training cycle.


This was probably my favorite moment of the run. I could stare at this view all day!

Coffee. The real MVP in my life. Daylight savings was a little (and by little I mean a lot) disruptive to my internal clock and coupled with a busy week packed with all sorts of things to do, I’ve been just a little bit more tired than usual. On Monday I enjoyed a delicious Double Dirty Almond Milk Vanilla Chai Latte (try saying that three times fast) that got my energy back up right quick! Though I try not to use sugar and caffeine to get through an afternoon, it was just one of those days when it was entirely necessary. Too bad I didn’t snap a pic, but I have ones of my beloved Keurig (my morning salvation). I’ve gotten a few new flavors of K-cups recently so I may do a review of those pretty soon! The cinnamon dolce Starbucks K-cups really are something. Yum!


The Drop-Dead Gorgeous Weather. Though there was a bit of rain and clouds on Monday of this week, the rest of this week has been quite lovely. Sunny with temps in the 70s. Yes, yes, and yes. This kind of weather is my absolute favorite, and my allergies haven’t even been that bad! I love breaking out my spring wardrobe too, and seeing what everyone else is wearing! I’be been seeing lots of cute dresses, bright and cheery colors, and sandals lately. March can be unpredictable so let’s hope this continues!


I’m off to class, meetings, and hopefully a fun and productive weekend!

What are you doing this weekend? Anything fun? 


2 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. Emma@myfullfatlife says:

    I switched to the Pegasus a few months ago and believe I have found my match! They are working well for all my runs!


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